Zero Tolerance for Bullying

When is bullying going to be taken seriously? There are many ways to look at this problem and the most apparent solution is that it must stop. For everyone’s sake.

Our son has been bullied relentlessly. He is on the autism spectrum. He is one of the sweetest and most kind persons I know. As a result of the bullying he has developed an eating disorder and now takes medication for severe anxiety. The school administration’s answer? Let’s have a learning moment. I wanted to know what they wanted our son to know. What else did he need to know? What he got was retaliation. And then the bully retaliated against me. Only after I was ‘affected’ did the administration act. By then it was too late. My son is damaged and they wanted a teachable moment. The Salem Keizer school district will now answer for this in the formal complaint process with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Education.

Given the present day culture of saying something because it feels good I must say the phrase ‘zero tolerance’ is b*•+’~*=! There is no such thing. But if we work hard, are diligent and address not only the effects but the causes of bullying I think we can be more successful at addressing the whole issue.

For the future of our children we need to do more by being involved. Being a spectator is no longer an option. But then, for me, it never has been.


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